How it works

British Art Collector (‘BAC’) advertises online and in select print media to publicise our services to sellers of Modern British art.

We hope Sellers will consider selling their work on our platform by offering the following:

  • the strong possibility that the price they receive will exceed that offered by dealers or auction houses, net of fees
  • a confidential route to market that they control and which doesn’t jeopardise alternative means of selling.

This inventory is offered to buyers who have registered an interest in that specific artist or type of work.

We offer Buyers a similar opportunity:

  • the strong possibility that the price paid will be less than the work would cost if bought from a dealer or auction house, including their fees.
  • confidentiality and control over the process.

In both instances BAC acts as a broker only, providing the following services:

  • Valuations. Our real value-added here is the network of experts we can access who know exactly where the current market for any particular artist is. We support this with auction data to derive a fair and up to date indication of a painting or sculptures worth. Of course buyers don’t have to agree with us and sellers ultimately decide what price they want. What matters to both parties is that pricing discussions are informed and transparent.
  • Communication. This is not a mass-market product. This is a bespoke service that hopes to offer consistent, informed and honest dialogue throughout the process. That process begins with calls or perhaps a meeting aimed at understanding exactly what sellers and buyers want.
  • Arranging viewings and transportation. Buyers will want to view potential purchases. BAC can arrange carriage insurance, transportation and suitable viewing locations in Central London or elsewhere.
  • Authentication and condition reports. Without legal prejudice we provide authentication and condition reports through a network of highly regarded and work-specific experts and restorers.


We are committed to a low cost, low fee model that is equitable to both buyers and sellers.

In terms of commission fees these are as follows:

Buyer Seller
£0 to £20,000 7.0% 7.0%
£20,000 to £100,000 5.0% 5.0%
£100,000 and above 2.0% 2.0%

Commission rates include all taxes but not ARR if it applies. Fees for valuations, authentications and carriage are variable and available upon request.

Please note that BAC do not typically facilitate transactions with a value of less than £10,000.

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