We are collectors of Modern British Art and the aim of this website is to highlight our interest in buying works directly from sellers. By avoiding intermediary costs we hope to offer you a higher price than an auctioneer or a dealer might, plus the privacy of an off-market deal.

Collecting for me began when I stopped to look at a picture in Osborne Samuel’s window one summer's day in 2003. The work was by a Contemporary Scottish artist called Philip Braham and it was called ‘Lumen’.

The painting showed an empty, rather bleak landscape but what caught my eye was the light, angling down with such clarity through a break in the clouds and reflecting back off some mud flats. It spoke of enduring and resolve.

The painting hangs in my kitchen to this day and began an interest that has since become my greatest joy: Modern British Art. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than pouring over catalogues or walking through galleries hoping to find a special painting or sculpture.

There are scores of collectors like me, and institutions run by curators who want to show these wonderful works to a wider audience. Each of us has a very personal, instinctive, emotional bond that draws us to the works we love: A theatrical Burra perhaps, or a visceral Chadwick.

So the origins and aims of ‘British Art Collector’ are very simple: I’m a collector and over the years I’ve met other collectors and curators who share a love of 20th Century British Art, and together we want to make it easier for buyers and sellers to come together.

British Art Collector offers a bespoke service with full pricing transparency for all parties involved. We remain great supporters of the auction houses and dealers but their fees undeniably impact what buyers pay and sellers receive. We want to create a viable alternative: By matching buyers directly to sellers, both parties can enjoy better terms.

This is a sophisticated marketplace; every work of Art is unique and our service must be tailored and discrete. So we only appeal for works when our buyers have registered an interest in that artist, and we then employ experts with real time knowledge to arrive at an informed opinion on value. Ultimately we let buyers and sellers judge these prices and offers for themselves. Our aim is to be fair and to arrive at prices that offer sellers a higher ‘net’ price than they can achieve from an auctioneer or a dealer, whilst still offering buyers a lower price than they would pay when all these intermediary fees are added.

Buyers pay less. Sellers receive more.

This website provides examples of the type of works we handle and basic details of how we operate. Every customer and every brief is different. If you think we can help you, whether you are a seller or indeed a new buyer, we would love to hear from you.

Kieran Mahon